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For ESG Investors

For ESG Investors

Nabtesco Group’s Approach to CSR
Top Message
CSR Policy and Materiality
Other sustainability-related policies
Governance Corporate Governance Basic Approach to Corporate Governance
Measures to Enhance Corporate Governance
Corporate Governance Effort
Composition and Nomination Policy of Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Remuneration for Directors and Audit & Supervisory Board Members
Measures to Ensure Effectiveness of Board of Directors and Its Evaluation
Current Status of Internal Control System
Reasons for Appointment of Directors
Risk Management Risk Management in General
Risk Management Activities of the Group
Business Continuity Plan (BCP) Activities
Compliance Rules Surrounding Compliance
Fostering Compliance Awareness
Information Dispatch and Enlightenment Activities
Global Expansion of Internal Reporting System (Hotline)
Anti-Corruption Measures
Prevention of Bid Rigging
Compliance Committee Message from Outside Corporate
General Shareholders Meetings Convocation Notice
Notice of Resolutions
    Policy Management
Activities Assurance Statement
Social Socially Beneficial Products and Services Nabtesco Group Quality and PL Policy Promotion Framework by Quality & PL Committee Quality and PL Activities Conducted -
Human Capital Development Basic Policy on Human Capital Development Education Scheme (as of May 2017) Development of Globally Competitive Human Capital -
Fostering Workplace Diversity Nabtesco Corporate Governance Basic Policy - Fostering Workplace Diversity -
Management of Occupational Health and Safety ESH Basic Policy and Management Targets Occupational Health and Safety Management System (Acquisition of OHSAS 18001 certification) Health Management Independent Assurance on Environmental and Social Data
Human Rights and Labor Practice Nabtesco Group Human Rights Policy Human Rights Monitoring System Labor Management Relations -
Promote CSR Throughout Supply Chain Nabtesco Group CSR-Oriented Procurement Policy Promotion Framework for Nabtesco Group’s CSR-Oriented Procurement Participation in United Nations Global Compact -
Consideration of Community and Society Nabtesco Group Community Investment Policiy - Contribution activities to the community and society -
Environment Environmental Management Environmental Policy ESH Promotion Framework ESH Audits -
Combating Climate Change Targets and Results
Conservation of Water Resources Water Use and Water Discharge Management in Japan
Management of Waste and Other Emissions Waste Reduction
Corporate Communications Department

Disclosure Policy

Boundary of the ESG Contents

Nabtesco Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries

The ESG Contents on this URL (https://nabtesco.disclosure.site/) cover activities conducted by Nabtesco Corporation and its consolidated subsidiaries. However, a portion of the non-financial data pertains to only Nabtesco Corporation.

Period Covered

January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017

In light of the importance of providing up-to-date information, some activities conducted after the period are also reported.


Performance Data

The Nabtesco Group has changed the accounting closing date of fiscal year from March 31 to December 31 since FY2015. The results for FY2015 are calculated on a basis of nine months for Nabtesco Corporation and the other consolidated subsidiaries in Japan, and 12 months for the overseas consolidated subsidiaries.

Please note that the estimates for FY2015/12 (Reference) were calculated for the period of 12 months to make comparisons with the plan for FY2016/12 under the same conditions. Also, the Group has applied IFRS from the consolidated fiscal year ended December 31, 2017. FY2016/12 (reference) represent referential values prepared for the comparison with the forecast for FY2017/12.

Note about the Forecasts

Forecasts made in this report about numerical figures and measures for the future are based on currently available information and on certain judgments and assumptions that Nabtesco considers reasonable. Actual results may vary significantly from such forecasts due to a variety of important factors, including the economic situations of the company’s major markets in and outside Japan and changes in the foreign exchange market.
Corporate Communications Department
For ESG Investors
For ESG Investors

For ESG Investors

Nabtesco Group’s Approach to CSR Top Message ...

For ESG Investors
For ESG Investors

Disclosure Policy

Boundary of the ESG Contents Nabtesco Corporation and its consolidated s...