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CSR website was updated.
CSR website was updated.
Integrated Reports
Integrated Reports

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2016/12 Online Integrated Report FY2016/12 Integ...

Focusing on Employees’ Growth and Development
Management of Occupational Health and Safety

Disaster Prevention Initiatives

At the Nabtesco Group, we systematically strengthen our factory buildings t...

Nabtesco Group’s Approach to CSR
CSR Basic Policy and Materiality

Process for Identifying Materiality

As part of our process of periodically reviewing materiality, the Group’s C...

Integrated Reports
Integrated Reports

Nabtesco Group Integrated Report FY2017/12

Since 2014 Nabtesco Group publishes Integrated Report, which has integrated...

Road Map for Growth
Intellectual Property Strategy

Intellectual Property Intelligence —Formulation of Strategy to Enhance Competitiveness—

Nabtesco uses the Intellectual Property Intelligence to strengthen our comp...